Climate action is now an organisational norm, and planning and reporting are rapidly evolving with it, necessitating a shift from historical emissions actuals and offsetting towards mandated reduction plans with publicly pledged and monitored forecasts. We see this in programmes such as the Carbon Neutral Government Programme (CNGP) and the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi). Compelling organisations to adapt their planning and reporting practices.

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An obligation to an external emissions programme will not deliver a low-carbon organisation. Strategic planning for climate action supported by a well-equipped and engaged finance department will.

Climate Action Planning Workshop!

    Equip by using CorEST by CorPlan

    Finance-level emissions accounting software, powered by best-in-class IBM Planning Analytics, hosted on scalable and secure cloud platforms, and supported by a collective 1 million hours of strategic planning solution delivery.

    • Improve emission data & reporting

      Automate capture of emission data from organisational activities, calculate emissions in alignment with common reporting standards, emission factor sets, and wider organisational reporting activities like month end.

    • Streamline & integrate emissions budgeting

      Develop scenarios based on actuals, assumptions, targets, and costed emissions reduction initiatives. Allocate and agree to emissions budgets as part of wider organisational strategic planning activities.

    • Start climate action planning

      Test emerging actuals trends and assumption changes with dynamic what-if scenarios. Dynamically steer to your emission budgets and targets on a month by month – quarter by quarter basis.

    • Meet programme disclosures & certifications

      Simplify external programme disclosures with templates for common reports and extracts, populated with real-time mission actuals and current reduction plans. Drill through to source document for auditing.

    Understand how CorEST equips finance departments with tools for organisational climate action.

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    History of financial budgeting and forecasting. And why this is important for organisational climate action.

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